3 Reasons Why Postcards Work

An eye catching graphic combined with a great message is an effective way to generate leads for any business. Here are 3 reasons postcards are a good choice for your business.

Postcards are Cost Effective

Postcards are one of the least expensive ways to advertise your business. A direct mail campaign using Every Door Direct Mail can be implemented quickly. Postcard marketing can be used for all business types; lawyers, lawn service companies, real estate agents, political campaigns and more. They can generate more traffic to your website and bring additional traffic to your store or office.

Postcards are Flexible

Postcards can be a diverse tool for your marketing. They can be used as flyers, newsletters or even product brochures. Postcards have been described as oversized business cards which makes them another great way to help brand your business. 

Postcards Get Read

Postcards are almost always read by the recipient since the message is instantly in their hand. Potential customers don’t have to spend time opening it as with a letter. Vibrant colors and an attractive design will make your postcard stand out more likely to be read. Postcards don’t take up a lot of space and can be easily saved for later or passed on to friend or colleague. Postcard mailing provides the best opportunity for having your message read.

Omega Printing offers premium postcard printing with several options including matte finish, spot uv, and glossy uv coating. We can even help design the perfect postcard for your marketing plan. Find out how easy it is to start using postcards by requesting a quick estimate. Want more information? Give us a call: 972.256.1243 (Dallas/ Fort Worth area) or 512.537.5668 (Austin, TX area)