Best Freebies for Event Marketing

Promotional Items

Finding the right giveaways for your next event or presentation can be difficult. It’s tough finding affordable swag that event attendees won’t just toss in the trash or bury in their desk drawer. You don’t want to waste your freebie budget on something that attendees will easily forget. You want something that will stand out from the crowd and be remembered long after the event is over. If you want your swag to be a hit, keep the following types of freebie in mind when purchasing promotional items.

Promotional Items That Can Be Used at the Event

Large conventions, trade shows or festivals like Austin’s SXSW or the Deep Ellum Arts Festival in Dallas require attendees to show up with supplies to last all day… but often those attendees are unprepared. You can rescue them with your freebies and at the same time give them something to remember your brand name. One of the issues that people run into at all-day events is dead phone batteries, so if your company gives away mobile chargers with your logo, you’ll be doing event-goers a huge favor. People often need to use a pen and paper to take notes at live events. Everyone gives out pens, but if you want to stand out, hand out high-quality notebooks with your logo or brand name. At outdoor events, seasonal items like bottles of sunscreen, sunglasses, or even umbrellas will give your brand greater exposure.

Choose Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Eco-friendly items will help cut down on waste and show that you care about being green. Reusable water bottles with company logos are very popular useful, especially at outdoor events in the summer. Reusable tote bags are perfect for events since they are lightweight and can be used to carry other freebies from the event.

Promotional Items That Will Be Used After The Event

You want attendees to hold onto your swag after they leave the event, so make sure it’s easy to carry and perhaps useful on the flight back home. If it’s in your budget, a blanket with your company logo could be a hit (everyone uses blankets). T-shirts and caps can also be good choices—as long as you make items that people will actually wear. Make sure your logo isn’t so large and obnoxious that people will be reluctant to wear the clothing. If you’re targeting an active audience, lightweight string backpacks would be a good choice.

Promotional Items That You Would Want

Step back and put yourself in the position of the event attendees. Would you stop and pick up the item you’re giving away? The ultimate goal is for your giveaways to be something that the average event attendee will use and hold onto for a long time. 

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