Make an Impression With Pop-Up Banners

Pop-up banners are a very popular and cost effective option for promoting your business. Used well, these portable “billboards” will certainly get your business noticed at trade shows and events.

Here are a few tips to make sure your pop-up banner works well, wherever they are placed.

Less is More

When it comes to banners, you want an immediate impact. Your pop-up banner may be displayed in a variety of locations, so getting your message across quickly is essential. Too much information on your pop-up banner can actually distract from your message. Display your logo, core message and perhaps a tagline or eye-catching graphics to grab attention. Of course, you should include clear, visible contact details.

Layout is Important

People read from top to bottom; left to right, so make sure your logo is at eye level, along with your core message.

Keep It Simple

Whether your banner is in a store, reception area or trade show, its purpose is to grab interest quickly. People will not stop to read paragraphs of text, so focus on a great headline and short bullet points. Keep the essential information away from the bottom, in case tables or other items block the lower area.

High Quality Graphics Are Essential

Great imagery is very effective on pop-up banners and will grab the attention of your audience. The graphics you use will often give potential customers the first impression of your business. Your pop-up banner will also be part of your overall marketing, so make sure the design is consistent with your branding.

Whether used on their own, or as part of your overall marketing strategy, pop-up banners are perfect for promoting your business. Omega Printing offers a wide range of sizes and types pop-up banners. Email us today at or simply click here to request an estimate.