5 Tips for Business Card Marketing

business cards

Giving a business card is a crucial part of marketing your company or organization. It can speak volumes about how you would like to be perceived and how serious you are about marketing. 

Here are some proven tips for how a business card can help create that important business opportunity.

1. Never leave home without them

Never leave your office or house without your business cards. Your commute to or from work can open up a host of networking. It’s important to make it a habit of always carrying business cards within your purse or wallet.

2. Ask for a business card in return

Whenever you give out a business card, ask for one in return. This means that you are serious about keeping contact with the people you meet. When you have been given a card, don’t just put it in your pocket, read it! This will only take a few seconds and you may find something to start a conversation, and then place it in your wallet or purse rather than in your pocket, this will show you have a sincere interest.

3. Don’t be shy with your business cards

Give your cards out to everyone, without everyone knowing you are giving them to everyone. You want to get as much exposure as possible, but at the same time want the recipient to feel that you are a little more particular about who you give your cards too. Give them to friends, to family even give a couple at a time so they can refer your services.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals

When giving a business card to someone ask if you think they know someone who may be interested in your services. Ask this in the form of a favor, people like to think they are helping you out and doing you a favor – its less pushy. 

5. You need a good slogan

Use a slogan which answers “why should I use your services?” This branding is the most important part of your business and should be conveyed on your business card. It has to have some meaning which will be associated with you and your business. A slogan can be used to set you apart from your competitors – it’s equally as important as your logo.

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