Print Tips: Uncoated Paper

Have you ever wondered what your printer is talking about when they say “stock”? Typically when a printer mentions “stock”, they are referring to paper. The paper you choose for your printing project can say a lot about your company brand or the type of message you want to convey. There basically three types of paper that are commonly used by print shops: Uncoated paper, coated paper and specialty papers such as labels and even plastic “paper”. In this post we will discuss some of the varieties of uncoated paper.

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper is probably the one paper most of us are familiar with. It is the most common paper used in offices or at home since it is well suited for laser printers and copy machines. It is also widely used for corporate stationery. The natural feel of uncoated paper lends itself well for printing projects that need to convey a warmer, more genial message. Uncoated papers are available in a variety of catagories such as:

Wove Paper

Wove paper is often a premium paper with a smooth finish or feel. There are also varying degrees of smoothness available. For example, paper intended for laser printers will have a much smoother finish than paper typically used for stationery. To convey richness and luxury, choose a fine cotton wove paper which contains a percentage of cotton fibers.

Bond Paper

This is the most common and economical type of uncoated paper and is also a member of the wove family. Bond paper is used in both large and small businesses for many purposes such as laser printers, copy machines and fax machines.

Laid Paper

A premium paper, laid paper has a textured surface with a pattern of ribbed horizontal lines. Widely used for business stationery, laid paper conveys class and professionalism.

Linen Paper

As the name suggests, linen paper has a textured crosshatched pattern that resembles a fine linen fabric. Elegant and classic, linen paper is often used for business letterheads, personal stationery and fine restaurant menus.

Parchment Paper

Providing Old-World charm, parchment paper has a mottled, sometimes marbled look. Available in a variety of colors, this paper is often used for certificates, restaurant menus, newsletters and even stationery.

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