What Does Your Brochure Say About Your Company?

Your company brochure is often the first impression someone gets about your service or product and it’s vital that the content of the brochure gives the right impression. Think of it this way, what the brochure says about you is more important than what you say in the brochure. The right content will give you a better chance of engaging potential customers and in return lead to more sales.

Brochure Content Must Engage

Engaging customers is the most important thing when creating content for your brochure. Avoid overly detailed explanations and boring/dull text. Get straight to the point of what your company offers without being too casual. Also, don’t use complicated “inside” terminology or language. Keep it simple.

For example, you have a real estate company and you want to tell your customers a little bit about your business. Introducing your company does not mean detailing the entire business history. It means offering information that will be important and relevant to your customer. 

Here is an example of a bad introduction: We started in 1995 as a small real estate company by our founding team; the Flipper brothers. In 2001 we merged with XYZ Real Estate Brokers. In 2003, we began to grow bigger and moved into commercial real estate…

Here is a better example: We began our journey in real estate over 20 years ago, and we have been growing ever since. At first we focused on residential properties but soon our passion for real estate lead us into both commercial and industrial real estate. Today we are the largest real estate brokerage firm in the state.

Think of your brochure as a blank canvas that is painted with your words. Use content that is lively, informative and well written.

Some Things to Remember

You need to have an introduction, middle and an ending. Also, you should allow for plenty of white space which will help make your content more readable. The best content in the world is useless if it is difficult to read. One last thing ­– Content is King but grammar is Queen. Proof reading is not an option, it’s a necessity.

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